The new Turkish E-Visa system is going from strength to strength after figures released in August stated more than 4.6 million have been issued to visitors.

The system replaced the old paper sticker system and because one can be purchased before travelling it is faster than the old system too.

It also provides piece of mind for many with online approval, a helpful period stay calculator for those planning an extended stay and rules stated during the application process.


The new system was first launched 2013 but became mandatory on 11 April 2014 this year when all visitors were required to buy an e-visa on line.

The big switchover plan was slightly altered when feedback from users suggested the big change could be too soon and confusing for some visitors.

The Ministry acted quickly and introduced e-kiosks at airports and offered the old sticker system, albeit at a higher fee, to the end of the year for visitors who turned up with no visa.


Figures released in mid August stated that more than 4.6 million Turkish E-Visas had been issued to visitors.

Of those over 650,000 E-visas had passed through Dalaman Airport and almost 300,000 at Bodrum Airport.

Now you have your Turkish Tourist E-Visa!
Now you have your Turkish Tourist E-Visa!

Getting Used to It

Fethiye Times published a 10 step guide to buying a Turkish E-Visa in April this year to help visitors.

Thousands of people have read the article and some have left their comments or questions on the process. You can read them here on the article here.

Further Developments

The Ministry continues to develop the system and has plans to implement new language options including Chinese, Arabic, Norwegian and Dutch languages.

They have also extended the system to allow multiple applications on one application enabling families and groups to obtain their visa easily.


  1. Does anyone have an answer?
    I have a valid E Visa (Exp 15/11/14), and have to return to Turkey. I plan to leave 3 days before it expires on 15/11/14, but if my circumstance requires me to stay another 7/14 days I’m unsure as how to proceed.
    Should I buy another 90/180 Visa online before I leave UK starting the day I intend to enter Turkey 28/10/14 that would then overlap the current Visa by 17 days, or is it possible to buy another one to start on 15/11 (the date when the old one expires), whilst I’m still in Turkey on the old visa?

    Basically, can back- to- back Visa’s overlap slightly, and/or do you have to be outside of Turkey to renew or obtain an E visa?

    I haven’t and will not have used up 90 days in Turkey on the old Visa, neither will I use any more than a week or so on any new visa should I renew it for the extra time I might need as I won’t probably return again ’till mid May 15.