It takes around 10 minutes to get your Turkish Electronic E-Visa online and it is a clear and easy process. But online applicants need to be prepared and accurate to avoid delays.

To get a new Turkish Tourist E-Visa takes just 3 steps according to the official website. However, we have done it and we say it takes more like 10 steps and 10 minutes.

So follow our 10 step guide and see if you can beat 10 minutes!

How to get a Turkish Visa in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1

Get together your passport and your credit or debit card.

Step 2

Go to the Turkish e-visa website here

Go to this address. Watch out if you Google as there are imposter sites that will try to charge you more.
Go to this address. Watch out if you Google as there are imposter sites that will try to charge you more.

Choose your nationality – Note for British citizens the word is “United Kingdom” near the bottom of the list.

Finally put in the code that is pictured.

[quote by=” “] Note the figures from both pictures need to be input. If you are partially sighted or just cannot read the image there is currently no option for the figures to be read out as is the case on some other sites.[/quote]

Make sure you put in the codes from both boxes.
Make sure you put in the codes from both boxes.

Step 3

Assuming the code has been accepted the next page will ask for your date of arrival in Turkey. Put that date in.

Choose your date of arrival
Choose your date of arrival

Step 4

Fill in the form with all your passport and personal information. Once completed the page will show your information for you to agree.

Verify your details once input. Note we have smudged our details for security purposes.
Verify your details once input. Note we have smudged our details for security purposes.

Step 5

Assuming all the information is correct you will then be told that your application has been completed satisfactorily and that an email has been sent to you.

Success. We've filled out the form correctly.
Success. We’ve filled out the form correctly.

Step 6

Go to your email, open the email from the Republic of Turkey and click on the verification message ‘APPROVE’ button.

Press the big GREEN button to approve.
Press the big GREEN button to approve.

Step 7

You will be taken back to the site where payment is made. Put in your card details and the press the “MAKE PAYMENT” button.

How much is the Turkish Tourist E-Visa?

For British passport holders it is 20 US Dollars + 0.70 USD payment fee. Your credit card statement or bank account will therefore show a foreign curency transaction and a sum in British pounds of around £12 plus charges if applicable (depends on the exchange rate).

Add in your payment details. Note the price is 20USD and so will come through on your UK card as aforeign transaction.
Add in your payment details. Note the price is 20USD + 0.70 USD fee and so will come through on your UK card as a foreign transaction.

Step 8

Assuming the details are accepted you will be taken to a page where you can download your Turkish Tourist e-visa and a receipt for your payment.

Step 9

Download your Turkish tourist e-visa and save it somewhere safe.

[quote by=” Tip”] You may also want to print off a copy and save one on your smart phone or other device as a backup.[/quote]

Now you have your Turkish Tourist E-Visa!
Now you have your Turkish Tourist E-Visa!


Step 10

Download the payment receipt for your records.

Turkish Tourist E-Visa

And that’s it. You now have your very own Turkish Tourist E-Visa that is valid for a stay in the country of 90 days in total.

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  1. Do you have to print your visa when you apply and pay for it on the same day, it’s just because I don’t have a printer at home and would not be able to print it off till the next day at work ??

    • If you print to file or PDF you can then save and email it to yourself ready to print at any time.

      By the way we have found that the immigration guys do not want to see the paper copy as they have an electronic link via your passport details that they read as you enter the country (that’s what the immigration guy told us last week). Some we think taking a paper copy is a but belt and braces in case the system breaks.

  2. If I buy a visa online, do I still have to show it at the visa desk at Dalaman airport, or can I go straight to passport control on arrival?
    Peter Goleby

  3. Can i apply and pay for the visa on behalf of somebody else who does not have access to the internet.
    If so i presume i would have to put my email address on the application.Thanks

    • Mark, you can apply and pay on behalf of others. Yes, you would have to include your email so you can complete the process.

  4. My e-visa runs out on 20 October, am coming to Turkey on the 10th October and am due to fly home on 24th October. Do I need new visa and if so can you get one before old one runs out?

    • Apply for new visa before you travel. The application process will or should flag up if there is a problem.

  5. Have you had any comments about the time it takes to get the verification email received ? I note that it is requested that you respond to the email within 1 hour of receiving it or the application will be void. I am trying for a 2nd time this evening, on my first attempt the verification email took 7 hours to come through and arrived at 4.00am, needless to say I wasn’t monitoring my in box and certainly didn’t reply within an hour of receiving it. I have tried again this evening and so far it has been 2 hours and still no verification mail. I am constantly monitoring all filters all junk mail. Any suggestions ?

    • Glen. Thank you for your feedback. Sounds like a system issue at their end that is best reported to them.

  6. It’s not working for me. The page I get at step 2 has only the left hand verification number. But it continues to step 3. But there’s nothing below the Arrival Date fill-in box on my screen. Once the date is filled in, there’s just a string of dots rotating irregularly underneath. Any suggestions please?

  7. Hi. My husband and I have tried five or six times to get the visa now. We do it all and get to the bit where you click for the email to confirm and pay but we have not received any emails to either of the emails being used ( one for my husband visa and one for mine). Each time we have clicked resend too after an hour. Have been checking junk and everywhere but nothing. Any words of wisdom from anyone 🙂

    • You should let them know the system isn’t working for you. They may have a solution or maybe it’s a technical fault at their end.

  8. We tried 4 times and were having no joy receiving the Email. We were then told not to use the BT email address as there were problems. We were advised to use GMAIL and as a result the email came through in seconds.

  9. Just wanted to repeat what ‘Chris’ said before. We had tried many many times to get the visa using BT emails and had no joy. We used our sons GMAIL email and confirmation and pay came through straight away, within seconds. So maybe if people are having problems then they might try the same thing…….Thanks Chris 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    I am applying for evisas on behalf of two friends, who have no access to the internet, and will be putting my email address to complete the process as stated in a previous response. Do I have to put my phone number and address when applying and paying for other people?

  11. I also had the problem noted regarding non delivery of the confirmation email. I contacted the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the website and received – very quickly – the following response.

    “There is a common problem regarding your email provider which is Your email address may be preventing the emails coming from us. Thus, please either check and fix your email settings or make a new e-Visa application using a different and valid email address. If you still cannot get through please check with your email provider. You are advised to use an email account from hotmail or gmail.”

    I did this and it worked first time. However I did eventually – more than 24 hours later receive the original emails that had been “lost” in the BT email system.

  12. BTINTERNET email adresses DO NOT WORK … I had tried 5 times over the course of 36 hours before I found this page … switch to another email address (I used googlemail) and it all works in seconds

  13. We are also having trouble getting email confirmation using btinternet. The email is coming through the following day by which time it is too late. Will have to try and set up another account???

  14. Having trouble getting evisa for turkey everything goes through as normal until I try to verify it then it says sorry you cannot get an evisa contact Turkey consulate ?

  15. Hi i went on holiday to Turkey in September 2014 and paid £20 at the airport on the way home, i am going back to Turkey on 25 February do i still need to get an e visa?

    • Hi Paula

      Thank you for your question. You can stay 90 days in any 180 days on the new visa. Multiple visits are allowed on the same visa.

      Hope that helps.

  16. there is question that i have, and haven’t seen the question asked before. I actually Live in Turkey and have had my residence permit.İt is due to be renewed in April. Now İ ws wondering can i get a e visa on line and would it cover me for the 90 days until i decide if İ am going to renew it or not thank you in advance

  17. Hi
    I’ve accidentally deleted my email with my Evisa document on it , is there any way I can have it resent to my email address to print off ?

  18. Hi, I am about to apply for my e visa to my trip to turkey in june. i have read that the bt emails are causing a problem last year do you know if this is still the case this year.

    Kind Regards
    janet Harrison

  19. I stupidly put in arrival date in June for 5 of us instead of July will it matter as it’s covered for 180 days anyway . Thanks

  20. Hi

    I applied for my evisa printed it off, all the information is correct apart from my passport issue date. i have put 2014 instead of 2008 will this cause a problem? Or will they look at my passport and still accept my visa?


  21. You will need to apply for another one. In their own words:-
    Unfortunately, information on any processed e-Visa cannot be changed. The information on your e-Visa must match the information on your travel document completely; otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid. In this regard, you must create and complete a new application.

    Best wishes,
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

    They stitched me up as I tried to do mine and my wife’s at the same time, but she is Irish. It didn’t allow me to change her nationality and now says she it British…..

  22. We are flying into Dalaman in two weeks but I have been unable to get a visa for my 16 year old daughter as her passport runs out in in November this year. Is it possible to get a visa at the airport?

    • you need 6months still valid on your pasort to be able to visit Turkey,so your daughter will need a new passport.

  23. I have a problem with the e-visa download (my family applicaiton was successful but the links they give me does not work for one of the persons). I have contacted the support department and they said they are looking into it. However, I travel next week and if not resolved by then, can I just get a sticker-visa at Dalaman for the person with the missing e-visa? [I know I will end up paying again but that is not a problem]

  24. Hiya i also have not had a confirmation email ive tried for 5 days now and i travel in 3 weeks its getting a little worrying is there anything i can do thanks

  25. Hello
    I go to turkey in September. I’ve bought my evisa, it’s all gone through fine and I have it ready. However I have read a number of different reports saying that my passport may need to be valid for a further 60 days after the expiry of the visa. As the visa is valid for 180 days it doesn’t expire until March 2016. My passport runs out in may 2016. I have a total of 7.5 months left on my passport from the day I go to Turkey. I’m assuming that as my visa has been accepted all is okay?!
    Many thanks

  26. I have just tried applying for 2 visas and got all the way to the payment and then when I tried paying it just kept saying try again and I tried several times and it dis the same thing does this mean that my payment has not gone through?

  27. Hi just done e-visa everything seems fine as done for four people, it doesn’t have any names on,date of birth, no travel doc issue date only on one anyone any idea what to do do I have to get a new one thanks

  28. Hi, I paid for a visa in April 2015 in dalaman airport and stayed for 2 weeks. Will be flying out again on the 24th August 2015. I do not have a copy of the visa, will my passport show proof of my visa or do I need to purchase another? Thanks

    • The visa is recorded against the passport so you should not need a copy of the paper visa. That is our experience.

  29. i got all my 4 visa in 1 go so easy i have not paper printed just got it on my phone to show if need be but they dont usally ask as they know wen you are arriving on there system i go 24th for 2 weks cant wait

  30. I have bought my visa but had it sent to my boyfriend’s email address as it would be easier to print them out together. We have now split up and he is refusing to give me it. Is there any way I can get it by giving my information or will I have to buy another one?

    • Hi. The visa is linked to your passport number so you will be fine entering the country. At worse if he has not actually bought a visa for you then to you can buy one on arrival for £20. So it seems you have the last laugh 🙂

  31. Hi, I have a similar question to Samantha above. We arrive in turkey on 22nd October for just one week. My son’s visa will run out in April 2016 & his passport runs out in May 2016, so it doesn’t have quite the 60 days from when the visa expires. will he still be allowed entry or will he need a new passport even though we will only be there for one week?

    • Hi Shelly. Thanks for posting your question but you should really ask this of the Turkish immigration authorities. Go to the evisa site for the contact details.

  32. i am saqib ali.I am pakistani nationality and currently i am living in france.I need a visit sticker visa on my passport except of e-visa.from where i will attain my sticker visa because on turkey visa site only e-visa application is available.tell me about the site that from where i receive my visa.thanks alot

  33. Hi, a lot of info for the 90/180 day visa but no mention of residents visa on your website in recent years. About 5 years ago you had comprehensive details on the process but no update relating to recent changes which is a shame. The Kalkan website has detailed articles on how to apply but some of it, i.e. local offices etc, do not apply to Fethiye.
    If nothing else confirmation of the opening of the office for visa application behind the PPT in Fethiye would be be useful for future applicants who have been apprehension about having to travel to offices in Mugla !!!I
    I enjoy keeping up to date with news from Fethiye on your website but feel you are missing info on the above.
    Regards Ian

    • Ian, thanks for your comment.

      The guide you referred to was donated by one of our kind readers. Unfortunately that is now out of date and no one has shared an update with us yet.

      Maybe one of the Fethiye visa agents could help?

  34. Hi I have paid for evisa and downloaded it but didn’t print it of.but recently I’ve changed phones but haven’t got it now.would I have to pay again.thanks

    • Check your email account for the link.

      The visa is linked to your passport so you do not need to buy another. In the worse case they will send you to buy another at the airport on arrival.

  35. will there be a problem if I put incorrect arrival date on my E-visa application? I accidentally click the day before my arrival in turkey

    • Hi Anon. The visa applies from the date you pass through immigration on arrival in Turkey so we understand.

  36. I have filled my evisa in with all my detials but I haven’t put on my middle name. Am I going to have to apply for a new one 🙁

  37. Hi I want to anyway in april 2016 I’m going to icmeler Monday 4th July 2016 will i need to buy another a visa I still have my other ones thankyou

  38. hi going to Turkey on the 8th of August, only realised my partners daughter of 8 years who is polish and holds an identity card only needs a full passport to enter turkey.
    Have applied for full passport but it wont arrive till 1st of August, if it is late can we fill visa in at Dalaman airport when we arrive.


  39. Hi , I am due to get married on September 10th, I have changed my passport already to my new married name but its issue date has been post dated the 10th September.

    I can’t put this date on the Evisa page , can I still apply for a visa on the 10th and get it for my honeymoon on the 12th ? the 10th is a Saturday , is it still possible to get a visa on arrival ?

    I am in the UK
    Many Thanks


  40. Good morning,Ihave tried too obtain our new Turkish Visa for 2017,twice a day for the past six days.Everything goes thru ok,get the message that my application has been successful but still no EMAIL,to download for payment.Sent emails and still no reply,dont know if web site is down at a total loss at the moment.

    • Hi. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Please contact the help function on the visa site for assistance. Also ensure you are on the official site and not a fakensite as we call them. Hope that helps.

  41. I’m nwafor Chibuike mark I entered Turkey with e Visa on October 12 2016 but I lost the e Visa please how can I get it back because I need it to do my residents

  42. Can I still pay the £10 visa fee when I get to the airport as I’m elderly and don’t understand modern technology?

  43. I Know from the eVisa website that I can apply for a ‘Family’ visa for up to 10 people, and pay for them all together. Is there any advantage to doing it this way, instead of separate applications? eg. cost per head? Many thanks for any info.

    • Hello William

      Yes you can apply for a family visa for up to ten people. The advantage is instead of ten separate visas, you will only have one document for everyone travelling.

      As far as we are aware the cost is still $20 per person.

      The disadvantage of having a family visa is if members of the family wanted to travel back to Turkey within the 90 days on different (but overlapping) dates, they would not be able to use the same visa.

  44. Many thanks Lyn.
    So if there is no price advantage, I might as well go for individual Visas….although more lengthy.
    If so, the only advantage I can see is in paying for the lot in one go. That way I will be charged only for one Foreign currency transaction by my bank ($USA to GBP) rather than x6 for the family.
    Is there any official department that you know, of whom I can enquire, to get a definitive answer?

  45. Hi! I have tried to apply for evisa for turkey and I have got it. I am a philippine passport holder and I live in UK with a residence permit. However while I was about to finish filing out the application it says i need to have proof of funds like $50 per day on my stay to turkey. Are they going to ask for my bank statement when I arrive there?

  46. Hi!! Can you advise please……I have applied for two evisa’s. One, i have not entered the second name of the passenger, and the other stipulates the place of birth as UK not a particular city! Are they still valid???
    Thank you! Amy.

  47. is there a problem with the e visa site today 15th May as we have tried all govt sites including your link but we keep getting a message “site unavailable” ?Adrian Puddy