On Tuesday 29 May they were finally granted an audience with the Mayor of Oludeniz.

It may be summer holidays for the Residents’ Association but their elected officials are still plugging away.  On Tuesday 29 May they were finally granted an audience with the Mayor of Oludeniz who had failed to attend their montly meetings for sometime, depsite repeated invitations.

They asked all the questions.  The Mayor gave the answers and you can read the minutes of the entire meeting below.

Minutes from Ovacik Area Residents Association meeting with the Mayor of Olu Deniz on 29th May 2007

1. Introduction

The Mayor of Olu Deniz, Keremettin Yilmaz, and his translator, Selva, met with the Chairman and the Secretary of the Ovacik Residents Association at the Mayors offices in the Belediye. The local press (Dost Gazette), Fethiye TV and 21st Century TV attended the early part of the meeting for news coverage.

Introductions were made and the Secretary thanked the Mayor for seeing them. It was stressed that the meeting had been called by the Ovacik Residents Association members as it had been some 6 months since the Mayors last visit to the ORA meeting and members were seeking an update to a number of points raised.

Thanks were passed to the Mayor and Belediye for achieving water connections to all Olu Deniz Belediye residents and also that they were pleased that the Olu Deniz road is progressing well and will shortly to be finished.

The following questions were put to the Mayor by the Secretary and Chairman and replies were as follows:

2. Roads in Ovacik

Q. When will the roads be repaired in the Ovacik area and when will those unmade roads be completed.

A. As most people will know the Belediye priority has been to complete the Olu Deniz – Ovacik road and this will be done by mid-June.

Any main roads that need repair will be made good but not resurfaced as yet. All other roads will be left until the next major project of the installation of sewage pipes is completed. The first stage of this project will cover the lower parts of Hisarönü and Ovacik starting next winter season. The whole project will be completed within 3–4 years when, subject to funds being available, all roads will then be resurfaced.

3. Ovacik speaker announcements

Q. Although some announcements were now done in English more should be done. Can all important announcements, such as when electricity cuts will occur, and other community announcements be made in English as well as in Turkish over the Tannoy system?

A. The Belediye has had problems finding someone to do these announcements but will seek to increase the number of announcements made in English.

4. Belediye Water

Q. Whilst most residents now have Belediye water why is the pressure low and water sometimes cut off during the day for residents living above the top road in Ovacik?

A. The problem has been recognised and there are plans to install a large water tank at the highest part of Ovacik and to re-route connections from this for those affected. There are also 2 pumps only 11 kilometres away from the Ovacik area which help the supply and the water that is delivered is now clean water.

5. Traffic calming –Ovacik top road

Q. The question previously asked was asked again. Can anything be done on the top road in Ovacik to reduce the incidents of speeding by drivers, particularly taxi drivers as this was particularly dangerous as often children were travelling the these cars.

A. The Mayor has asked members for suggestions as to what they would like to see done on this matter and in general regarding traffic management. They are considering traffic humps for the top road, small roundabout(s) and making the traffic one way using the top and lower roads. It was agreed to get members views at the next meeting in September.

6. Ovacik Sports Complex

Q. It has been noticed that there are now football / sports fields ready for use. What facilities are available now and what are planned and what will be the costs of using these facilities.

A. The Mayor has asked members for suggestions as to what sports facilities they would like to see at the site. The football fields are available for all to use now at no cost. They could be used for field sports and walking / jogging. There were plans originally for tennis courts but new suggestions are welcomed.

7. Noisy Bars and Restaurants

Q. The season on the whole has started better than last year but a few hotels now seem to be becoming noisy often late at night. Can anything be done to stop excessive noise by these hotels, bars and restaurants?

A. As before, the Belediye now has powers to stop these establishments making excessive noise. The Mayor asked that any noisy bars, hotels or restaurants be reported if not at the time then the following day to the Belediye to take action. The Mayor asked Selva from Nicholas Park to take any such calls on the matter during the day and pass the details to the Belediye. Her contact number is 616 7455.

8. Restaurant Pricing

Q. why are many bars and restaurants still only pricing their food and drink in British Pounds when it was agreed from this season that all such establishments would first price in Turkish Lira.

A. This will be investigated by the Belediye with a view to enforcement of pricing in Turkish Lira.

9. Builders site clearance and waste dumping

Q. This problem still exists in some places. Can anything more be done to ensure that builders both clear their sites of rubbish and debris when they have completed work on their site and can rogue builders who fly tip waste be stopped and prosecuted?

A. The Mayor replied that the power of the Belediye was not great in this area but if residents were not happy with the builder in this matter the Belediye could take action to prosecute as appropriate. Regarding dumping of waste it was difficult to catch the perpetrator but any occasions reported would be investigated. It was suggested that the number plate of the vehicle being used to dump rubbish be noted and passed to the Belediye to pursue. There are plans for a dedicated site as an in fill area for people to deposit rubble and for a separate green waste in fill site. This it is hoped will be implemented from November this year.

The Mayor also talked about re-cycling. He said that all hotels from this year will collect separately cans; bottles and paper waste which will be collected by a Belediye appointed and contracted company to recycle these items. It was agreed that the Belediye will ask the company to provide a central site for residents to go to enabling them to recycle the same type of waste products.

10. Crime Prevention

Q. The Chairman asked what can be done about crime prevention as he had invited the Jandarma to attend residents meetings and they had not come to any as yet.

A. The Mayor said that it was important to have crime prevention and that the Jandarma were stopping drivers at a checkpoint near the petrol station in Ovacik looking out for anything or anyone suspicious. He also said that they do operate regular foot patrols during the season. Obviously protective measures could be taken at each property to try to stop any crimes.

It was agreed that the Mayor will speak to the Jandarma and also see if anything more can be done.

11. Wearing of Crash Helmets

Q. The Chairman asked what can be done about enforcing the law on wearing crash helmets for motor cyclists, and quad bike riders. He cited the case where a quad bike operating company did not offer crash helmets to their customers.

A. The Mayor said that this was a serious matter and he will pursue this with the relevant authorities.

12. Land Classification

Q. The Chairman asked what was the status and use of Wakif (charity) land and could this land be built on.

A. It was explained that this type of land had different uses according to the Belediye plans. Some lands were designated for educational purposes some for common land use such as animal grazing, and some that could be built on for apartments.

13. Ovacik June Festival

Q. It was asked what will take place this year, when it will be held, and where it starts from as British residents wanted to join in at the start of the parade.

A. The Mayor said that the Cultural Manager, Coşkun Kanabulut was organising the events which runs from the 21st to the 24th of June. A full timetable will be made available to the Secretary but the start of the event will be at about 5.30 pm on the 21st June outside the Ʃftlik hotel at the end of Hisarönü.

14. AOB

14.1. British Residency Petition

The Chairman said that the petition has been sent off to Turkish Ministry of Interior with over 800 signatures. This was praised by the Mayor who also said that maybe Turkish citizens could also benefit from any change in the reciprocal agreement between the British and Turkish governments.

15. Meeting Closure

The Residents Association Chairman and Secretary both thanked the Mayor and Selva his translator, for the meeting and it was agreed to maintain contact.

  Tony Bush (Secretary)  4th June 2007