Fethiye is starting its own Ramazan entertainment from Friday 28th September through to 14th October.

Whilst to non-Muslims Ramazan might seem to be a time of fasting and generally ‘doing without’ the reality is, once the evening call to prayer is heard, large meals are consumed and, traditionally, whole families sally forth to watch a range of entertainment.  The most famous is the Turkish equivalent of Punch and Judy, a puppet show performed with shadow puppets about which Fethiye Times will write more in a separate article.

Istanbul has long made a point of putting on public free entertainment in the evenings during Ramazan, when the Hippodrome in Sultan Ahmet is the site for all forms of music, dance, food stalls and, on most evenings, a spectacular firework display.  Now Fethiye is starting its own Ramazan entertainment and, from Friday 28th  September through to 14th October, the park around the statue of Fehti Bey (man with wings on Kordon) is the place to be.  From 9pm onwards there will be free entertainment: folk dancers; musicians; a whirling dervish performance.  No-one seems to know exactly who will appear on which evening but, if you are downtown anyway, take a stroll along the Kordon and enjoy some free traditional Ramazan entertainment.