It’s always good to get feedback from our readers, but we particularly like to hear from you when we’ve been able to do you a good turn or make your life easier – or like for one happy reader, save her some money!

 We were  delighted to receive the following email from Olive in our in-box:

Thanks to the Fethiye Times I have been saved some money!

I went to tax the car this morning and they tried to charge me double what it should be …  So after a lot of hassle, I insisted they looked on the Fethiye Times web site.

From there, they discovered they had put the wrong engine size in –  so I now have to write a letter, in Turkish, take it back and I will get a refund from past years – well over 100 lira! .. Yippee!!

Maybe you should tell your readers to check their tax before they go just in case

Thanks again, Fethiye Times!


Thanks to you too Olive, for letting us know your story.