The Nationwide bank introduced a 2% charge on debit card transactions and a 1 GBP charge for cash withdrawals overseas including Turkey from 1 November 2010.

The Nationwide debit card had been a real money saver for travellers as its debit card did not charge a commission fee unlike other cards.

But as announced some months ago that has now changed and from 1 November 2010 a new commission charge of 2% for card purchases and a £1 fee for cash withdrawal are now levied.

The card still offers good value though when compared to a Barclaycard, one of the nearest competitors.  A Nationwide flex account debit card user will save 15.52 GBP when spending 1,000 GBP abroad (4 x 50 GBP card purchased and 8 x 100 GBP cash withdrawals).