Using a thermos flask to store hot water can save time when you’re gasping for a cuppa and cash too as we explain.


Thermos or insulated vacuum flasks come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Some are of the traditional design where you take the top off to pour the contents other have ingenious pump designs to keep the heat in and save any scalding.

All the major shops and supermarkets stock flasks and prices are reasonable.

But they aren’t just for picnics or packed lunches. They can also be used to save time and cash too.

How many times a day do you boil a kettle to make a cuppa? How many times have you boiled more water than you need and just leave the surplus to cool?

You can save time and money by boiling your water in one go and putting it in a flask. Then any time you want a cuppa not only will you have quick supply of hot water but you won’t need to boil a kettle again.

To be ultra frugal make sure you measure and boil just enough water to fill the capacity of the flask. That way you won’t be wasting hot water and a full flask retains the heat longer.