Don’t pay supermarket prices for beer. Go to the cash ‘n’ carry and get the equivalent of 5 bottles free.

After a hard days ‘work’ there’s nothing better than settling down with a bottle of the amber nectar.

But the price of a beer sold by the supermarkets and local shops seems to keep on going up and up (thanks to government tax increases mostly).

A bottle of Efes Lager in a supermarket sells normally for around 3.20 TL, the deposit for the bottle is extra on top, whilst cans sell for anything up to 3.75 TL.

However, you can buy Efes at the same prices as the bars and restaurants if you know where to shop.


By going to Tespo, Fethiye the cash and carry situated in Patlangic on the road out towards Antlaya.

A crate of 24 bottles of Efes costs around 65 TL with a one off deposit of 7.50 YTL for the crate and bottles.

At 65 TL for a case of 24 means each bottle costs around 2.75 TL – a 50 Krs saving over supermarket prices.

Or to put it another way by buying a crate from the cash and carry you get almost 5 bottles free over supermarket prices!

A Tonic Saving Too

If you like a G&T then you can buy Schwepps Tonic with big savings over the supermarkets. You can save around 75 Krs a bottle (1.50 TL vs 2.25 TL at the supermarket).

A great saving and another Frugal Fethiye winner!