The Shopping Commandments

As consumers in the UK we lead a very protected existence. The media and law are all in our favour. Buy something faulty and its swapped out without question. Don’t like the thing you’ve bought – no problems here’s your money back. Don’t get what you want – BBC Watchdog will sort ’em out’……..Well the the world of shopping in Turkey can be very different………… the locals shopping in the Pazar and you’ll start to get an insight.

Shopping Commandments

1. Do I need it?

2. Can I afford it?

3. Can I get a better price elsewhere?


4. Check it works, has no marks, stains or other imperfections – even if it’s in a packet!

5. Only pay in full if you can take it away with you. Otherwise, pay a small deposit with full payment on delivery (after checking 4 above).

6. Get the best guarantee you can.

7. Remember if you buy cheap you – may buy twice!