Turkish bank notes will revert to TL from 1 January 2009.

The 1 January 2005 saw the introduction of the new Turkish Lira – YTL. The new bank notes removed 6 zero’s from the old note values and included the words ‘Yeni Turk Lirasi’ on the front and back. Now authorities plan to remove the Yeni and revert to Turk Lirasi, or TL.

It is also planned to introduce further security measures into the notes, including changing the size and shapes of different notes, to limit the success of counterfeiters.

Financial authorities are also looking into the pros and cons of introducing a new 200YTL note which would be worth approximately £72. Given that the 100YTL note often dispensed by cash machines can be difficult enough to ‘break’ in to change, the introduction of a 200YTL note could provide some fun! Imagine the uproar of using such a note to pay the Dolmus fare!