In this section we look at the types, location, methods of shopping in the area, how to haggle and your consumer rights. We also cover the ‘shopping commandments’. Oh and there’s something about KDV tax VAT) and how to claim it back when you return to UK.

Shopping Introduction

Supermarkets are a reasonably new thing in Fethiye. Many local people shop in the local market, bazaar or local markets rather than the more expensive supermarkets. Larger more expensive items are generally bought on credit – either credit card or store card and you’ll often see prices quoted for cash (pensin) or instalments (taksit).

The locals like to keep it in the family with some shopping and will often deal only with ‘friends’ and ‘family’ when arranging for goods or services. They will often encourage you to do the same, but watch out as as it will be difficult for you to know if the deal is good and even more difficult to resolve poor quality – how do you tell your friend they’ve done a bad job? Take your time, shop around and smile a lot as you haggle them down!

Don’t forget – the price you’ve been quoted may be cheaper than in UK but you’re in a different country and a different economy. Take time to have a look at our cost of living section for benchmark prices.