You don’t have to traipse around town to find out who has the best offers. Now you can let your mouse do the walking. See our guide to who’s on-line.

See our guide to who’s on-line.

Save Time and Money

Nearly all the local supermarkets have Kampanyalar lines – these are discounted goods to get you into their shop and maybe spend more than you anticipated.

In many ways you could probably fine tune your regular shopping to buy only discounted goods, but up until recently this could have taken some time.

Imagine the time and cost of travelling around the supermarkets in Fethiye with their often out of the town centre locations just to pick up their brochures and compare prices.

But now the supermarkets are making life easier for us and putting their latest promotional brochures on the web. Follow our guide as we take the motion out of promotion.

General Supermarkets


Now a well established shop in Fethiye situated on the road to Calis near the Opet garage. It’s owned by the same people who own Migros so promotions may be similar.

The latest promotions can be found on their website here.  The online brochure is is easy to use even if the page turning animation is a bit much.


A good website with prices of most lines available through their on-line shopping pages. Some information is available in English.

Migros latest offers can be found here.

They’ve made it easy to leaf through the pages using the controls at the top of the page. However, the window can’t be resized which means moving the page around to view it all when it’s zoomed in.


A bright and trendy website with annoying pop up windows. You’ll need to understand a bit of Turkish as their website doesn’t offer an English language version.

However, go to this link here and click through the menu items on the right hand side of the website titled ‘İndirimdeki Ürünler’.

We found some of the pages lacked any pictures and details of the products.


We found a website but it looked to be for electrical gizmos only.


Deep Discounters

These are the shops that rely on small profit, quick return a bit like Lidl and Aldi in the UK


The no frills shop really does offer good value for money compared to the supermarkets. The name BIM stands for the Union of Islamic Traders in English and is often cited as a shop to avoid by some because of that.  However, if you are after value for money you can’t go wrong in this shop which is significantly cheaper than the big supermarkets for staple items.

To get to their latest promotions click on this link here.

Offers are available on Fridays. But be quick though as stock is limited.  Get their early before the local bargain hunters strip the shop bare!


Like BIM in so many ways with similar prices.  Their website can be found here.

Dia SA

Another deep discount store with branches in Fethiye and Ovacik. Their latest offers can be found here.


Owned by Migros but cheaper thatn the big shop on many lines. The stores are smaller but still offer a good range of day to day products.

Their website promotions can be found on the Migros website here.



Cash and Carry


Your Warehouse’ so the cash and carry chain proclaims on their rather limited web site. No offers or pricing are included on the site so you’ll need to pop in to the shop if you want their latest brochure.

Many of the corner shops buy from here. Prices can be good but sometimes the supermarkets are cheaper so shop around.


So, before you next go shopping check out the offers and save yourself some cash.

If you know of any other website for checking out prices drop us a line at and we’ll update this article.