Got a new place you need to kit out? Check out our guide to on-line resources and a few tips for buying those essentials.

If you’ve bought a new place in Turkey then you’ll probably be faced with the time consuming job of kitting it out with everything from air-conditioning to wardrobes. But, unless you are living out here, the process can be difficult to fit into a 2 week ‘holiday’ as you’ll need to shop around for the right models at the right prices. But you can do some of the leg work before you get out here by using your mouse and the internet. Here is our guide to comparing white goods on-line using manufacturer’s Turkish websites.

A note on the pricing sheets

Manufacturers show prices as Pesin (cash) and Taksit (credit/instalments). The cash price is generally lower than the instalment price.

Manufactures Websites


Beko are a familiar brand in the UK and all over the world. They have a wide range of ‘white goods’ on their site. The site is available in English and is easy to use with products grouped in categories. Click through and you’ll see the cash price displayed and the option to look at detailed specifications and download manuals.


The Arcelik site is here. It has a similar layout and functionality to the Beko website above. Again an easy to use site with a function to compare various models with each other. Prices are shown on each product page and the manual is available for download if available.


A different style to the other sites above but the Vestel site is  functional and bright. However, the product list linked from the English language web pages is in Turkish which can made comparisons difficult.


Their website is here and covers all of their various businesses but the link takes you directly to their home appliances site. The website is in English. However, the product detail pages don’t list the price of each item. To find out the price you must go back to the home page and click on the ‘price list’ menu but unfortunately the price lists are in Turkish.


Their website is here. Clicking on home appliances opens another window to a sub site. You can get general product information in English but if you want to know the specific model information for Turkey you’ll have to choose Turkey from the country menu. You’ll then be taken to the Turkish website which, of course, is all in Turkish.


The Ariston website is all in Turkish but if you click here you can download the catalogue and check out designs and prices.


Again another all Turkish language website. However, click on the link and then navigate using the pictures to get an idea of styles etc.


Last in our list and probably the most expensive brand here in Turkey is FRANKE. The Swiss kitchen and white goods manufacturer and retailer. Again this site is all in Turkish but you can get an idea of their products and prices by checking out their brochure (downloads a PDF document)


Migros, Carrefour, Tansas

The local supermarkets sometimes stock white goods such as washing machines, fridges and the like but their stock is often limited and seasonal. So it’s really a case of seeing what’s around when you next visit. Prices are often very competitive and service is adequate. However, bear in mind that you may need to pay extra for delivery – something that a main dealer shop will do as part of the price.

Other On-Line Shops

HepsiBurada is an on-line Turkish shop selling major brands direct to the public. Worth looking around the site for ideas of other brands as well as the big brands that are available.

And, when you finally come to buy………

Fethiye Times recently bought a kitchen oven, hob and hood. We spent a day going around all of the major shops in Fethiye. We were surprised that some dealers would only quote a brochure price whilst others gave us discounts of up to 20% without even asking. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we visited Eren Spot. Now this is a shop we have visited before but were put off by his ‘in-stock’ items which always looked a bit cheap. However, on this occasion we spoke with Bekir and he said that he could probably get what we wanted from his contacts for less. So we put Bekir to the test and he came up trumps under cutting even the Beko shop which had heavily discounted its prices. The items were ordered, turned up when promised and payment was made after the items were fitted. Fantastic service and cheaper than any other shop we could find in Fethiye.

So that’s it for our brief guide to checking out white goods on-line. Don’t forget that other brands may be available locally that aren’t listed on web sites.

And finally, you can also look around the web sites listed for TV’s, air-conditioning and any other electrical items.

Happy shopping!