Fresh fish without the hassle.

Fresh Fish without the Hassle

Fresh Trout

Fethiye’s fish market in the central bazaar is a great place to see the catch of the day and even eat it there – if you use one of the near by restaurants, but many people find this way of buying fish hard work. What sort of fish is it? Is it fresh? Is it a good price?

Well, there is an alternative. There’s a shop near to the Tax Office (Maliye) on the sea side road that sells fresh trout, salmon and a wide selection of frozen sea fish. The trout and salmon are kept in a large tank and despatched and gutted when you buy them. The live trout cost 1.50 YTL (50p)  each and 1 is usually enough per person.

The shop also sells a good selection of frozen fish and has a clear price list on display. I like it because you know what you’re getting and the prices are very good and you know it’s fresh.