What’s your expat lifestlye? Alexandra Beever, an undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, would love to hear from you so she can complete her dissertation questionnaire looking into expat lifestyles in Turkey.

My name is Alexandra Beever, I am an undergraduate at the University of Nottingham reading Geography. I have been coming to Turkey since I was a young child for my summer holidays. About 7 years ago my parents bought a house in Okҫular near Dalyan, so now visit throughout the season. I really enjoy my time in Turkey and have always been interested in the expat lifestyle in Turkey.

I have chosen to undertake a dissertation looking into expats living in Turkey, focusing on three main areas; exploring the historical development of migration flows in Turkey, how expats create a sense of home in a foreign country, and how/ if the expat community impacts the local community.

As a part of my dissertation research I have built an on-line questionnaire to build a basis for my final dissertation.

Questions range from basic information such as how long you have lived in Turkey to more in depth questions about how you feel about your transition to moving to Turkey.

I should mention that it is not aimed at just UK expats but expats from across the world; it would be interesting to see how nationalities differ in opinions and lifestyle habits.

The questionnaire should hopefully help me build an understanding of why expats chose to settle along the Turkish coastline, and how they have made Turkey into their home; whether living an English lifestyle in the sun or have integrated with the local Turkish community.

I would be very grateful if you could spare 10 minutes to fill it out using the link below, the questionnaire will be “open” until the middle of September so please forward the link to anyone who might be interested in taking part.

Alongside this questionnaire I am also conducting focus groups in and around Dalyan, as well as interviewing expats and some members of the local Turkish community. If you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to participate further in research tasks please email myself at lgyagb@nottingham.ac.uk.

All details will be kept fully confidential and the anonymity of participants is assured.

You can find the link here.