When we found a website that does not pretend to be a course in Turkish, but rather explains and answers some of the difficulties that the learner of Turkish may encounter we were intrigued to find out more.

We know lots of the British residents in and around Fethiye are trying really hard to learn the language of their adopted country. In fact the money pumped into tuition is possibly a significant boost to the local economy.

So we are pleased to tell you about a wonderful website to support your Turkish learning.

Take a look at the website and we’re sure you’ll agree that it is exactly what you need to improve your Turkish.

Scroll down to the foot of the home page and read about John Guise, the man who created this fabulous resource, and how he learned Turkish in the first place.

Follow his advice and read Turkish wherever you are: signs when sitting on the dolmuş, the headlines in the Turkish tabloids, printing on packets when in the kitchen.

Turn on the TV to a Turkish channel and let it play as background. Soaps are excellent for picking up everyday language.

And don’t give up. John Guise wasn’t a linguist but he not only learnt Turkish he went on to create his amazing website.

You can surely get to a stage where you can chat with your neighbours and manage the shopping, which seem to be the two main reasons cited for trying to get to grips with the language.