Want to import a mobile or smart phone for use in Turkey? Then be prepared to pay a special tax to be able to use it on the Turkish mobile network as Fethiye Times reader Tony Taylor finds.

A new tax was introduced earlier this year by the Government to stem the impact of lost revenue from imported mobile and smart phones.

They said that a million phones had been imported and it creating unfair competition for the Turkish phone market.

So rather than reduce their tax on phones  to become competitive instead they slapped a 100 TL import tax on imported phones payable before they can be registered and used on the Turkish networks.

Tony Taylor a resident of Fethiye has recently brought a new phone to Turkey from the UK.

He said:

“I bought a new mobile over from the UK this week and discovered there is now a tax of 100TL payable at the Maliye (Tax Office) before you can register the phone for use in Turkey.

This is in addition to the 10TL fee payable to register the IMIE, the unique identification number.”

He continued:

“I took my phone and my passport to the desk where you pay car tax , that’s on the right hand side of the office as you enter, paid the 100 TL fee and then took my receipt to my chosen phone shop.”

Tony then offered some good advice:

“As before, you can only import one phone every two years and unless your current SIM card is old it should work in the new phone so you can retain your number. But watch out though as older SIM cards struggle with smart phones so you may need a new SIM card.”

This article was originally published in September 2012