The meeting held on Thursday 5th April raised a range of interesting and relevant issues for residents of , Oludeniz, Ovacik, Hisaronu and other parts of Turkey.

For those who do not know the residents association was set up to help new residents to the area to get settled into their homes and the community.

It was started over 5 years ago to work with the Turkish and International community of the Oludeniz area to try to resolve any local member issues, to put forward new ideas to help the community and to provide where possible news and information for all residents and members. For example, the May Community picnic, interest in the parks and open spaces, street lighting, waste collection, etc.

Minutes of Ovacik Area Residents Association

April 2012 meeting No. 32

1. Oludeniz Belediye – projects update

Brief update on the meeting held with Belediye this week.

(1) Water Drainage / Sewage Project

Work will continue in improving water drainage in our area. The project sent to Ankara received approval last September but work cannot start due to the large expenditure involved, but central government provides funds. It is thought that this will be later this year and if so work will start next winter. Still no change.

(2) Roads

The Belediye plan to tarmac all roads in April/May where there is gravel at present and where those roads have regular use. All other roads are to be repaired. Still no change.

(3) Building Works / Parkland

It was reported to the Belediye that builders that were building new properties last and this winter have destroyed parkland in making access for their build. It was agreed by the Belediye that this was unacceptable and we were asked to supply photographs of those affected areas for the Belediye to contact the builders and to seek rectification.

The Chairman supplied photographs of some areas affected and action will be taken to rectify damages caused.

The Belediye has plans this winter to landscape 2 or maybe 3 parkland areas. One of these may have sports training equipment installed.

(4) Rubbish Clearance

It was pointed out that more and more rubbish has been dumped by bins and in rough areas. The Belediye will clear rubbish by bins if asked and this will be done before the start of the tourist season. The Belediye will try to introduce separation of rubbish such as paper, cans, glass, and green waste if residents can bag these items separately. Still no change.

(5) Payment of Belediye bills by Direct Debit

Again the Belediye was asked if payments for Council Tax and Water Bills could be done automatically by direct debit through a bank. The request will be considered again. Still no change

(6) Cable Car Project

This will go ahead but no one seems to know when it will now start. Still no change

(7) Speeding Taxis

Covered in last meeting this was raised again by one member who could not attend the last meeting. We need to write a letter to the Belediye to follow up the matter and to try to enforce a slowing down of taxis to avoid an accident. Letter sent to Belediye to follow up with Taxis drivers’ local association.

(8) Planned changes for administration of Oludeniz Belediye

There have been a number of rumours concerning the way Oludeniz Belediye is administered.

The plans are that Mugla will become a big city in Turkey and that Fethiye will become a town still reporting to Mugla. To enable Fethiye to have town status it will become responsible for a number of additional villages and Belediye in its surrounding area. This will include Oludeniz Belediye. This process will happen during the next 12-18 months and it is hoped (though not guaranteed) that more funds will be allocated to the Fethiye town area and which would also help Oludeniz Belediye.

(9) Building projects approval process

There have been questions raised about the approval process for new building projects and this item seeks to clarify the process.

Anyone who wants to make changes to their house or apartment e.g. an extension to the building or change in original design or use, must go through this process. The original architect who was used for the housed build must be used again to submit any changes to the building. The original builder is also to be used to undertake any changes unless either of these does not now exist. The architect will submit any changes to the Belediye for approval and the Belediye will check the changes are within the maximum build size allowed for that plot of land and that build regulations are complied with. Once approval is given by the Belediye work can be done for a period up to 5 years and once completed they will check again that the work has been done according to the plans submitted.

2. Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

We plan to introduce this which works by a group of houses working together to watch their neighbours property and if anything suspicious is seen to report this to the Jandarma. Poster stickers will be printed to display outside properties and nearby as a warning deterrent. To join the scheme their will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of posters, etc. The Jandarma will co-operate in any response needed.

It was agreed with the Belediye that this would be a good scheme to introduce. Next action is to gain approval of Zabita and Jandarma.

3. Local Businesses – Kartal Goz – Update

Jasemin Gulada from Kartal Goz offere to give a discounted eye test charge if 10 or more members said they would take the test. As only one member replied to the last minutes this will now not be possible unless those present at this meeting or reading these minutes wish to take the test together.

4. Local Community Involvement

May Community Picnic – This will again take place on May 6th on the green near the Ocakoy area of Ovacik near the petrol station. Any members wishing to attend or help should contact the ORA Chairman ASAP.

5. Any other Business

(1) Universal Health Insurance Scheme (Update)

As stated before Foreign residents can now join this scheme and they should visit the SGK offices in the Dalaman (Kipa) road. The cost should be about 230TL per month from July 2012 and will cover all the family (one person registers) proving they have the same surname and are resident in Turkey. The office may try to charge this amount per person.

Confirmed that members can only join once they have completed 1 year of residency from dates in their residency booklets (previous renewals are ignored).

(2) Green Bowling Update

Action was for Malcolm to speak with Safak at Belediye and Thomas Cook manager. As Malcolm has been in the UK and was not at the meeting, this action is outstanding.

(3) Poisoning of Dogs in Ovacik area.

One member requested that we raise this topic for discussion to see what could be done as 3 dogs were poisoned in the area at the top of Babadag road near the bee hives. Luckily the local vet was able to save the dogs. Another report was related to the area new the AES hotel.

Poison has in the past been put done to try to stem the wild boar population.

The discussion concluded that:

When such poisoning occurs the Zabita should be informed and asked to investigate the cause and to try to ensure that this does not happen again.

Chemicals used for spraying grass verges and swimming pools may cause poisoning if eaten by animals such as dogs, etc.

If such poisoning is an issue and the local community feels strongly about then a petition letter can be sent to the Belediye to action.

(4) English Wills and their acceptance in Turkey.

One member raised the issue of the acceptance of English wills in Turkey when the person dies. It was thought that the English will is ignored and that Turkish laws of the deceased estate distribution would apply. Even Turkish wills do not appear to be enforced. Another member suggested that a letter is lodged at the banks where joint named accounts are held stating the wish for the other person to have access to the joint account monies in the event of one of them dying.

It was believed that from January this year the Turkish government have agreed to accept UK wills as written and therefore this will be applied where such a will is present in the distribution of the deceased estate and assets.

This topic will be reviewed again for the next meeting.

(5) Village notice board.

It was suggested that a village notice board be placed somewhere in our area that could be used to publish local events. The PTT offices or Belediye offices were thought to be the best. The request will be asked to the Belediye.

Date of Next Meeting – Thursday October 4th 2012

Tony Bush – Treasurer & Secretary

535 598 6011