Brits top resident foreigners settling in ‘Boutique’ Fethiye according to a local charity. But what is the attraction with this Turkish destination?

The FETAV charity has announced its estimate of resident foreigners by nationality living in Fethiye and surrounding districts and villages.

Dilek Dincer, who heads Fethiye’s FETAV charity, announced last week that there are now 7,500 all-year-round resident foreigners in Fethiye.

The British are the largest group followed by Germans, Dutch and Russians.

She did not reveal how the figure of 7,500 was arrived at merely stating ‘according to our research’.

However, the figure has been derived it is obvious to the casual observer, especially out of the busy holiday season, that a great number of of foreigners have now decided to make their home Fethiye and environs for either the whole or part of the year in the area.

Fethiye Times helped to carry out a survey way back in 2006 when the numbers of foreigners arriving to live in Fethiye turned from a trickle to a steady stream.

Back then the resident population was estimated to be around 5,000.

The sample of 504 settled foreigners who completed questionnaires then was 322 British; 73 German; 36 Dutch; 27 Danish; 14 Irish; 11 Finnish and 17 others. 61% of the sample was female and only 39% male. Almost 70% of the sample was aged 50 or over.

Back then Russians did not feature at all.

What’s the Attraction with Fethiye?

So what is the attraction and why do people want to come and live in the Fethiye area?

Martin and Alison who are planning to make the move from the UK to Fethiye in the next few months are like many who have been attracted to Turkey and especially Fethiye. Initially attracted to the traditional Spanish locations they were persueded to consider Turkey.

After a few visits they said their top ten reasons for relocating to the area, in no particular order, are as follow:

1 Location, location, location – Beautiful with some stunning sea views and that amazing mountain backdrop

2 Climate – The Sun!

3 Community – Good mix of local people and ex pats

4 Food – It’s great

5 Safety – A feeling of being safe and away from anti social behaviour.

6 Great Public Transport – Dolmus system for getting around

7 Sport – Local football team to watch and support (we both love our football)

8 Fresh Food – Local markets are brilliant

9 Open all year – Being a working town it doesn’t shut down in the winter season

10 A place to settle – It feels like we could integrate and make our home here.

The news this week that Fethiye plans to become a ‘Boutique’ city will no doubt attract more foreigners to settle in the future and bring more economic and cultural benefits to this corner of Turkey.