If, like us, you enjoy reading a good book but find it hard to get hold of sufficient reading material locally – read on.

There are actually several ways to buy books cheaply in and around Fethiye.

Firstly, because it has been around longest, take a look at the bookshelves in the FIG shop.

They welcome book donations and you pay 1TL for each book you buy.

The shop is now open five days each week and has a regular turnover of books so is worth visiting on a regular basis.

The Cadianda fund raisers hold a book/DVD sale once each month in Üzümlü, again it is 1TL per book.

Dates of sales are posted on this website.

The Car Boot sales: Çalış held on the third Sunday of the month (September to April each year) and the Belediye’s held on the first Wednesday, also have lots of secondhand books usually priced at 1TL.

Finally there is a commercial outlet called Fethiye Sahaf, on the Kordon in Fethiye next door to Cafe Geniş, also gives you 1TL for books. In the holiday season they charge half of the cover price of the book.

Bibliophiles will know that 5TL for a book you really want is not a high price, indeed it compares very favourably with Oxfam bookshop prices in UK – and Sahaf has a huge stock of English books.

So there are plenty of opportunities to get hold of a good book and go home for a leisurely read.

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