If you have a post box at the down town branch of the post office and want to continue to use in 2010 it you will need to renew it in January.


If you find your property doesn’t have postal delivery or the deliveries just take too long renting a post box at the main PTT in Fethiye offers a more reliable way to get your post.


Letters are quickly placed in the post box when received at the sorting office but may take some time longer to be delivered to your home.

A number of our readers, two of whom are pictured above, successfully rented post boxes with the help of Fethiye Times earlier this year.

January is the time when the rental needs to be renewed for another year.

You will receive a notice in your box in early January reminding you it’s time to pay your rent for another year and telling you the cost.

It’s then just a matter of going to the back door, asking the security man to let you go upstairs and taking your renewal slip and your payment to one of the offices.

If you decide not to renew and want to get your deposit back remember you will need to take your receipt from the initial transaction and hand back your key.