As Christmas approaches our thoughts turn to how we can send Christmas cards to friends and loved one’s back in the UK. But it can be difficult when you are living abroad to get cards to them on time. But thanks to UK company called Moonpig sending cards is a doddle.

Posting mail to the UK involves an element of forward planning to ensure any cards sent arrive on time and, at around 80 pence to post, a bit of expense too. Not only that but finding the style of card locally can prove difficult too.

There are some great options online to help solve this problem.  Moonpig have been going for a number of years now, and their online service is easy to use, good value and hassle free.

There is a huge range of designs to choose from.  Whether you choose a bespoke one or design your own greeting card, their web site is easy to use and they will print it out and have it sent any where in the world via the postal service.

Add Your Picture To A Christmas Card From Moonpig

The first thing you will need to do is to register with them (click on the above banner) and set up some credit on your account.   Load twenty pounds and they’ll add another five pounds for free, giving you an instant 25% discount!

Next you log on and follow the easy to use screens to either choose a pre-designed card or design your own! When you’re happy with the card and greeting you put in the name and address of the recipient and say when you want it sent and that’s it, easy!

For an extra personal look you can scan in your signature and there is space in the inside to write an extra, letter style, message.

Another great feature is that you can set up free reminders, so Moonpig can email you in advance meaning you’ll never forget an important date.

In this age of digital cameras we have loads of great photos of the area, friends, family and of ourselves but we never seem to get them printed.  By uploading your own photos, you are sending a ‘card for today’ and a ‘photo for tomorrow’ which the recipient can keep – making it a doubly worthwhile exercise.

Fethiye Times uses this service regularly and has found it to be good value and very reliable. We’ve also had lots of good feedback from our friends and families who have received cards. Not only are they amazed that we have sent them a card (because we are in Turkey) but also how great the quality and design of the card is.

So whether you are abroad or in the UK, services like Moonpig allow you to send a very special and personal card without having to leave the comfort of your own home.