Thankfully the stray dog problem in Fethiye has almost been solved but big mutts still lurk in the villages and countryside. How can you protect yourself from their unwanted attention?

Thankfully the stray dog problem in Fethiye has almost been solved thanks to Perihan’s neuter and return policy (read more here).  But big mutts still lurk in the villages and countryside. Cheaper to buy than a burglar alarm, the dog is still the favoured security for farmers and shepherds alike. However, the average dog doesn’t always know friend from foe and the innocent passer-by can often be a target. In most cases these dogs are all bark and no bite, but in some cases an ill-treated or crazy dog can attack. But now there’s a gadget that you can buy in a local outdoors shop in Fethiye that can, in most cases, foil such an attack and shut up annoying barking dogs in the process.

The Dazer is a US made device that emits a very high pitched and powerful noise that is all but inaudible to humans. A dog’s hearing is very sensitive and the noise is designed to confuse the dog to allow you enough time to make a hasty retreat. We at Fethiye Times recently tested the Dazer whilst we were walking the St Paul trail. We knew we would be passing through remote villages and past flocks of sheep and goats and that dogs could well be a threat to us so we armed ourselves just in case. The good news is that we completed the trail without canine trouble and that was partly thanks to the Dazer.

The Dazer claims to be effective against angry dogs rather than domesticated and friendly pets. We decided to test the claims on any mutt that came near us. As we walked through villages dogs barked and some approached us growling, but a quick 1 to 2 second touch of the Dazer’s button soon stopped the dog in it’s tracks often making their heads tilt. On one occasion whilst eating we were approached by dogs begging for food. Again, a quick touch of the button sent the mutts scampering away presumably unsure of what or where this strange noise was emanating from. The instructions with the Dazer say’s that it is effective up to 7 metres but we found otherwise when on another occasion we walked past a tethered Kangal. If you don’t know about the Kangal, the most prized and feared shepherd dog, it stands around 3 feet, has a big mouth, an instinct to protect flocks of animals and sometimes a nasty temperament. It is probably one of the most feared and respected dogs in Turkey. Anyway, the Kangal was tethered some 50 metres from us and was barking. A quick touch of the button and it shut up….amazing. But in some cases, either because the dog was presumably deaf or really stupid, the Dazer didn’t appear to have any effect. The Dazer’s manufacturer does state this in their instructions though.

Thankfully we didn’t face a dog attack but on the basis of our findings it’s a useful gadget to have on you when in Turkey. But you don’t have to be off the beaten track to find it useful. As we found begging dogs in restaurants can be annoying but one press of the Dazer will send them scampering away without having to employ any harsh words, throwing stones or other physical aggression which often ends in more trouble. Dog owners who attract unwanted attention from unrestrained dogs whilst walking theirs may also find this useful to help keep other dogs away.

If you would like to buy a Dazer in Fethiye they can be found in the Cosi Outdoor Shop ( located on Cumhuriyet Cadessi No 57. Walk down from Carrefour in the centre of town, past the guy who touts as an exchange and make the first left. The shop is at the end of the short street on the right. The price is around 45 YTL – a small price to pay for such an effective gadget and cheaper than some we have seen for sale in the UK which range from £9.99 for an imitation to £40 for an original model.