Over 2 million Brits emigrated from the UK in the last 10 years some of whom have settled in Turkey.

A report issued by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that almost 2 million Brits emigrated from the UK in the last 10 years. The ONS say that this is the biggest emigration in the history of Britain. The peak year was 2006 when over 200,000 people emigrated.

Although only 6% are over retirement age, the report recognises that one of the reasons for emigration is prosperity and that has enabled people to retire early and head for the sunshine countries around Europe and the world. The booming UK economy and high house prices have all helped people cash in and ship out.

Turkey is one such destination that as seen a large increase in the number of Brits settling in the past 5 years. No one, not even the Turkish Authorities, know exactly how many have settled in Turkey but we know just from our own experiences and observations it is many thousands.

But, the report is only concerned with the numbers coming and going to/from Britain and will no doubt be used mainly by those with an interest in the UK immigration and asylum issues. However, we think the real story is about how well those that have turned their backs on Britain are settling in to their new life abroad and, in particular, Turkey.

Last year Fethiye Times worked very closely with a body that surveyed ‘settled foreigners’ in Turkey to find out just how well things were going for them. The report has now been published and we’ll bring you the results in the next month.

In the meantime if you have made the move to Turkey but are now having second thoughts and pining for the old country make sure you check out our article on Wednesday on Fethiye Times.