Part 2 of our guide continues today.

If you want to come out for a quick week’s holiday and build in your wedding you need a wedding planner.  Fethiye Times recommends ‘egg organizasyon’ a company based in Ankara, run by a young Turkish woman, Hayal, who was educated in England and speaks the language perfectly – and she has been organizing weddings all over the country, but especially in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kalkan, for the past six years.

There is no required length of residence in Turkey in order to get married, you just need a couple of days to wade through the bureaucracy and then the ceremony takes place.  For a British couple (and if one of you is Turkish there are different requirements) you start by making a trip to the nearest British Consulate (Izmir or Antalya depending which resort you are staying in) where you obtain the necessary paperwork that then has to be stamped by the local kaymakam’s office.  Don’t panic.  Hayal will arrange for a car with driver to pick you up from your hotel and take you through the whole process.  The drivers have all done this many times and know exactly where to go and what official stamps are needed on which pieces of paper. The next day Hayal, or one of her associates, will meet with you, collect the paperwork you obtained the day before (plus six passport photos of each of you) check all the arrangements for the actual ceremony, and then all you have to do is turn up at the venue at the agreed time. 

You can visit Hayal’s website at and before you even get on the plane to come out to Turkey, she will have planned your wedding with you via e-mail and made all the arrangements for that vital trip to the Consulate.  Plus given the local registrar advanced notice of the planned date and venue for your wedding. 

Visit the site tomorrow for a final article on what happens on the big day, and photos of happy couples who tied the knot in Turkey.