Our series concludes today.

Of course some couples just want to be married here because they love Turkey – they’ve been here regularly on holiday, they may even have met out here, and it is very romantic to be married on the beach or with a background of sea, lush planting and distant mountains. 

The photo shows a wedding on the beach in Marmaris where the Registrar is a woman who actually conducts the ceremony in English. 

In other places an interpreter is used – egg organizasyon supplies someone to do this.  The couple on the left of the photo are the official witnesses, who can’t be close family members.  If you come out to get married all on your own don’t worry, Hayal and her associates are used to acting as witnesses.  The ceremony always takes place around a table and the bride and groom are facing their guests unlike British ceremonies – Fethiye Times thinks this is much nicer than gazing at rigid backs with bodies blocking what is actually being said.

Apart from the legal ceremony you can build in whatever you want in terms of vows or speeches you may wish to make to each other.  A local celebrant, a retired English man trained as a lay preacher and humanist celebrant, is available to perform a more traditional British ceremony alongside the required Turkish legal vows.  Or you can just design your own wedding vows.

Fethiye Times has been to several weddings organized by Hayal and is very impressed by her attention to detail and sheer professionalism – there are testimonials on her website. We are also struck by how relaxed the atmosphere is at weddings here which seems particularly apt for couples where it is a second marriage for both partners, or couples who have lived together for some time and there are children involved.  Let’s face it bored, squirming, screaming kids can be a nightmare at wedding ceremonies in the UK – not so in Turkey.  If it isn’t taking place on the beach or near water – two things guaranteed to keep kids happy – there are always waiters happy to keep the baby amused while the rest of you get on with the marriage.


As the above photo of a recent wedding held at Ece Saray in Fethiye shows, even shorts can look smart at weddings in Turkey and, thanks to low costs, everyone at the wedding gets a buttonhole.

The couple in the above photo are sure they made the right decision when they chose to come to Turkey to be married.