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Wills, Death and Inheritance in Turkey

Death and Funerals

If you die in Turkey your relatives will have a couple of choices. They can either:

  • repatriate your body to your home country, or;

  • bury you in Turkey (but only if you have a residence permit).

Cremation is not possible in Turkey as the dominant religion of Islam forbids it.

  • Repatriation to home country

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  • Burial In Turkey

Fethiye Belediyesi has set aside an area of cemetery in Catalarik for the burial of foreigners.  The cemetery is located on the Uzumlu road just outside Fethiye.

Residents can purchase a plot in advance at a cost of 1,000 YTL. Families can only purchase a maximum of 3 plots or 3,000 YTL together to avoid areas being dominated.

Once a death certificate has been issued  by a doctor relatives must go the the Belediyesi with a copy of the deceased’s passport and residence permit. Burial is carried out in a very short time in Turkey – usually within 2 days so the next stages are quick. The Belediyesi will then arrange for the body to be collected in their hearse where it will be washed and prepared on the way to the cemetery. The body will be buried and a headstone bearing number will be placed on the grave. The cost is 10 YTL (yes ten!). You can choose to have your own headstone but that must be purchased separately and at your own cost.

The short time between death and burial does make the attendance at a funeral by overseas relatives almost impossible however.

Burial in other cemeteries around the area may be possible but the procedures should be checked with the relevant Muhtar or Belediyesi.

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Wills and Inheritance

The best inheretance you can give your relatives is a clear and legal will!

If you own Turkish property it is recommended that you get a Turkish will. For around 70 GBP plus Notary costs you can get will drawn up by a local solicitor. You will need to take your passport, passport photo’s and a list of all your intended benefactors to complete the will. The Will a legal document when it is sworn and notorised.