We look at whether it really is worth the hassle of working in Turkey.

You’re out here on holiday and everything is great. Your job in the UK is stressful, your journey to work is always delayed and it always seems to be raining in the UK…..you have a thought…….’I could sell my house in UK, buy a villa and live here. I’ll get a job to keep me going and life would be so much better……..I’ve seen it on TV it must be easy!

Turkey isn’t in the EU yet and is very protective of its economy and its employment of foreigners laws proves this. As a British Citizen you cannot work in Turkey without a work permit – simple – its the same in the UK for Turks! Working may be interpreted by the authorities as any activity other than lying in the sun or spending your imported money!

Working illegally isn’t good for anyone. Not only do you take the risk of a large fine, or at worse, deportation from Turkey, but you take a high risk that you won’t be paid by your ’employer’ and may have to work very long hours without any employment protection. Even if you do get paid, the average wage is around 608YTL (£260) per month. It can also cause problems in the local community as unemployment is high and foreigners are seen as being more affluent and shouldn’t be taking locals jobs (just like you hear in the UK).

Don’t believe the people who tell you they know a guy up the road who can get you a work permit to work anywhere. He can’t and you’ll waste your money on a fake.

Consider the tax position too. Income tax is higher than in  the UK. There is no tax free sum and the rates really increase on what some would call small salaries. The tax on someone earning 7,800 YTL is 15% with no tax free allowance. The rates then rack up to 20%, 27% and finally reach 35% on any pay over 44,700 YTL (less than £20k). Now you see why tax evasion is widespread in Turkey.

So you still think working here is a good idea?

If you do – do it legally and read the rules!

The Turkish Government web site shows the rules in English. When we tried to follow the links through the site we were faced with many deadlinks and error messages. Is this done on purpose we wonder?