An interesting article for those wishing to work freelance in Turkey.

The Today’s Zaman Newspaper covers some very interesting subjects. In their latest issue they have an article about working in Turkey as a Freelancer – self employed in other words. The article looks at the legality of working freelance in Turkey and how foreigners should set themselves up to avoid working illegally. The article discusses what it calls a ‘grey area’ of working from home on the internet and getting paid into your home country bank account.

Of course, as with all things in Turkey don’t rely on just this article to plan your working future as a freelancer in Turkey.  Processes and interpretation of the law vary widely depending on your location and who you speak to so bear this in mind. As the article points out working in this way is a ‘grey area’ so it is subject to change.  If the work permit rules are anything to go by Turkey isn’t yet interested in foreigners working in Turkey unless they are bringing millions of USD, GBP or other hard currency, or are a premiership footballer.

The article can be found here.