In the last month over 20 dogs have been poisoned in Fethiye and no one knows who is the culprit.

In the last month over 20 dogs have been poisoned in Fethiye. The latest incident occurred just yesterday when a dog was found unconscious on the main street in Fethiye centre. The dog died later.

Whilst some local authorities in Turkey have been known to poison stray dogs Fethiye Mayor Beh椴 Saatcı said that they do not carry out such activities.

The first canine death struck a month ago when a German residents trained Rotweiller died after ingesting poison from an unknown source.

Some of the victims that have survived the poisoning have been taken to the Fethiye Friends of Animals Association headquarters in Fethiye for care and treatment.

Most of the dogs suffering the attacks have been street dogs rather than domesticated pets. Could the serial poisoner be a victim of a brush with a street dog now intent on revenge?

The numbers of stray dogs in Fethiye have drastically reduced following the Fethiye Friends of Animals Association ‘neuter and return’ programme. However, the population of dogs kept as pets has risen. These animals are generally tethered in residential gardens rather than within homes as is the culture. This leaves these dogs at risk from theft and poisoning.

If you own a dog in Fethiye make sure you keep a close watch! If you see anyone acting suspiciously contact the local police or council.