Sushi and Noodles need your help.

Our names are Sushi and Noodles, I am Sushi the 5 year old cuddly looking spaniel, the other furry animal is my friend Noodles, yes believe it or not I have a feline friend. I would however like to keep this information between ourselves as if my other canine friends were to find out this may cause me great embarrassment. Noodles was brought into our home as a stray a year ago when she was a kitten, I wasn’t sure of her at first but then as she started to understand that I was the more superior and it all worked out well.

Sadly we have learnt that my lady owner has had to make the move back to the UK but she has promised us that she will not go until she has found us a new home with people that love us as much as she does. I did ask her, if this was the case, then why could she not take us with her, but she said that we would have to spend 6 months in quarantine which she didn’t think was very fair on us. She also said we would miss the lovely warm climate here in Turkey. We both agreed that this was definitely the better solution and we wish her well when she is back in the cold temperatures whilst we will be here sunning ourselves!

So I am writing this advert to see if there is someone out there who will take on this task. We don’t ask for much, only to be fed and watered daily and that we get lots of love and attention. I am not to keen on children as I don’t come into contact with them often and when I do they have a habit of pulling my hair and screaming at me! Ideally I am looking for someone who is maybe retired and who doesn’t want the hassle of having to train a puppy. I love my walks and also the occasional dip in the sea! I have my own little house on the balcony where I stay when my owner is out and also where I sleep at night but I am allowed into the house along with Noodles where we receive lots of cuddles all together.

We are both up to date with our injections, have also been spayed and are very well house trained.

As we have both become friends we would love to be re-homed together but my owner has said this sadly may not be the case but that whatever happens we would be well looked after.

So please if you have read this article and would like to meet up with either of us then please contact my owner, her name is Fiona and you can get her on her mobile 0538 859 2854 or alternatively email her on