It’s a common Turkish greeting to say Kolay Gelsin when you see someone working, even a stranger. But this was the best one yet!

Turkish is a great language in that it has a saying for almost all situations.

Our favourite at the moment is Kolay Gelsin – ‘Take it easy’ in English.

We’ve been working away on our garden in downtown Fethiye over the last few weeks creating a Japanese Garden – a grand name for a garden covered in gravel to cut down on future effort.

The work has generated great interest from neighbours and friends who have even mucked in from time to time to help us shift huge piles of gravel from here to there, and sometimes, back again.

It’s tough work!

But one of the nice things is that even complete strangers, from old people to 4 year olds, often say ‘Kolay Gelsin’ when they pass by.

Of course we love this because we can then take a rest and say thanks and chat about what we are doing.

But we received undoubtedly the best ‘Kolay Gelsin’ earlier this week when one of the election campaigning vans passed us by.

The van could be heard several streets away pumping out loud music at hundreds of watts and announcing a local event that evening for one of the candidates (The current mayor).

The van eventually arrived on our street and as it passed us the man on the microphone seeing us working gave us a big Kolay Gelsin!

What a great language!