Cheeky the kitten gets another chance thanks to this ground breaking association.

Fethiye Friends of Animals Association (Fethiye Hayvan Dostlari Dernegi) is a ground breaking organisation that is really improving the life of dogs and cats in the area and all over Turkey. Their facility is situated on the main road to Uzumlu just outside Fethiye and is set in 43 hectares of land that were donated by the Fethiye Belediyesi.

Their centre in Fethiye is still receiving dogs, large and small, from many areas. Some people travel long distances to bring animals to them, something that was previously unheard of when it would be a simple matter to otherwise dispose of the animal.

As well as dogs, they get many calls, usually from tourists, of cats in their hotel or holiday apartment complex that are either pregnant or injured. However the association has not been successful in getting the Hotels to bring these animals to them for treatment or neutering, so they have had to rely on the tourists to bringing them to centre.

One such lucky kitten (pictured), knicknamed Cheeky by her foster mother, Belinda, was brought to the centre for treatment to an injured leg which hampered her ability to run away from other aggressive cats.

Her leg was treated by Emre and Cheeky in turn showed her appreciation! She is now enjoying the company of other friendly cats.