An update about the funds raised for the earthquake victims of Cameli in 2007.

In November 2007 a fundraising night was held at The Savanna Bar in Hisaronu to raise funds for the earthquake victims of Cameli.

Initially no Government funds were made available to the villagers, hence the event being organised.

Clothing, blankets etc which were donated were taken up to the village for distribution.

The 3000TL raised on the night was intended to be used for building materials to repair damaged properties and this money was duly handed to the village Muhtar.

Since the appeal, Government aid has come to the village and as a result the Muhtar feels that it would be wrong to keep this money so it has been decided to donate the money to other needy causes in this area.

We have decided to give to the following good causes and hope that this decision will please everyone who gave so generously.

2000TL to FIG. who are currently involved in helping a school at Yaka Akinlar near Saklikent.

Having spoken to Gill at F.I.G. she stated that out of all the (approx 70) schools that they visit and help this school stood out as being the most desperate in need of help.

1000TL to Saglik Grup Baskanligina, Fethiye – with this money we purchased 1 wheelchair, 2 Nebulizers, 3 digital thermometers, diabetes tester and a child blood pressure monitor.

These items will be distributed to needy health centres in the area.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who supported us so generously.

Linda Dancaster & Jenny Lewington    

2nd June 2009