Tune in, turn on and listen to Auntie!

Our guide to receiving the The BBC World Service in and around Fethiye.


AM – Medium-wave radio – The World Service is broadcast on frequency 1323 kHz and is aimed at central and eastern Cyprus, southern Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean region between 0200 and 2300 GMT. However, reception is very feint in Fethiye at night and cannot be received during the day in our experience.

Shortwave – Poor quality and only broadcast at certain times of the day – Schedules  here. Just chose your location and the nearest city and the schedules and frequencies will be shown.

Local FM Radio – NTV Radio broadcasts a BBC news hour at 23:00 everyday. More details here.


If you have a receiver you can pick up the BBC World Service in crystal clear quality via the following satellites:

Eutelsat HOT BIRD 8 at 13˚ East, transponder 50, vertical polarisation, 11727 MHz. HOT BIRD 6 covers the whole of Europe and is free-to-air.

Astra 2A at 28.2˚ East, transponder 5, horizontal polarisation, 11798 MHz, PID 6461 also carries the World Service, along with other BBC channels. A big dish is required to listen from Fethiye though!

The Internet

Click here and listen. Best if you have a broadband (ADSL) connection.

So, turn on, tune in and listen to Auntie!