Well… it certainly poured last week and it seemed that autumn had well and truly arrived.

But after the deluge it’s great to see (and feel) that the sun has now come out to play – again!

Sunny days are hear again!

What’s more, it’s even better now, as the rain gave dusty end- of- summer Fethiye a thorough clean, and everywhere is sparkling and fresh again.

As you can see from the national weather forecast, it’s going to be virtually dawn to dusk sunshine in and around Fethiye for the next few days.

Okay, it’s not exactly phew what a scorcher, but with temperatures in the low to mid twenties what more could you want?

And there might be some clouds dotted about but we’re assured that they’ll be the white fluffy variety.

A warm welcome to Fethiye's end of October sunshine!
A warm welcome to Fethiye’s end of October sunshine!

We are also promised some pretty spectacular sunsets too.

view from Hıdırlık - Sundial
view from Hıdırlık – Sundial

See it for yourselves

Overlooking the Gulf of Fethiye
Overlooking the Gulf of Fethiye

Here are a few photos for those of you who are here to see it for yourselves.

Today we’re happy to be sharing some taken by Jeanne Güneşoğlu that she posted on facebook just the other day.

She’s got a great eye for catching the moment… and regularly celebrates the beautiful countryside around her and her husband Atilla’s Kayaköy- based hotel, Villa Rhapsody.

They say more than words can – so we’ll end it here…

İyi Bayramlar!

Oh! Apart from saying İyi Bayramlar – after all, today is the day Turkey celebrates Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s speech on 29th October 1923 when, as the father of the Turks, he officially declared Turkey a Republic.

Today is the Republic of Turkey’s 92nd birthday!

ataturk in town square