LATEST UPDATE 1 January 2010 – Our DIY guide explains why you may want to obtain a Turkish licence and how to go about it.

UK Licence Rules When You Reach 70

Your driving licence entitlement will expire when you reach the age of 70 and if you want to continue to drive, the entitlement will need to be renewed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The renewal process can be carried out on-line. However, if you are not a resident of the UK you cannot use the on-line service. In fact if you are officially non-resident in the UK you are not allowed to renew your UK licence at all. The DVLA tell you that you must obtain a driving licence in your country of residence.

A form must then be completed every three years to notify DVLA of any medical conditions that may prevent a person from driving.

Drivers over 70 must renew their licence every 5 years.

The Alternative – A Turkish Driving Licence

If you are normally resident in Turkey applying for Turkish driving licence has a number of benefits:

1. Once obtained the licence is yours for life with no age expiry;

2. You can drive on your Turkish licence in England for up to 6 months.

The cost of the licence, including various administration charges, is just under 350 TL (2009 prices) if you do it yourself.

Expect the fee to be around 180 TL if using an agent to do the work for you of course.

Fethiye Times DIY Guide

We have created a DIY guide to help you obtain your Turkish driving licence and it is shown below.


How to Obtain a Turkish Driving Licence

You can do the whole process in a day if you plan carefully but you can take longer if you want.

The golden rules throughout this process are to be calm, patient and check everything at every stage for correctness such as the spelling of your name, date of birth etc.

Before you begin make sure you have the following items with you throughout the process as you will need one or more of them at each stage:

  1. UK Driving Licence;
  2. Passport;
  3. Residence Permit;
  4. Tax number;
  5. 5 passport size photos;
  6. Kimlik number.

To obtain your Kimlik number go to this website.

Enter your name and residence permit number, complete the questions and your Kimlik number will be displayed (the site is in Turkish so use a Turkish dictionary to translate the words).

Print off a copy or write your Kimlik number on the first page of your residence visa.

You will need this throughout the procedure.


1. Take your UK licence to a translator for it to be translated into Turkish and ask them for 3 copies.

2. After you have collected your translated copies, take them to a Noter to get them notarized.

3. Go to a photographer and get some passport size photos done.  You will need 5.

4. (You can skip this step if you have a printer/copier at home). Take your notarized licence copy and your residence permit to a photocopy shop and get 2 copies of the notarized licence and 1 copy of your residence permit, all relevant pages, 1 to 7 should cover it.

5. Go to the government clinic (Saglik Ocak) , it’s on the left side of the canal as you come in from the sea front end of Fethiye heading towards the Tuesday market.

As you enter the vestibule on the left is a small table with some blank forms, a pair of scissors and some glue.

Fill in 2 forms , just name, address, mother & fathers names, date of birth nothing technical, cut 2 photos down to the size of the box on the form and glue them on.

Go in and on the left is glass fronted cubicle, get a queue ticket (same as a bank) and wait for your number to come up.

Give them the 2 forms and your residence visa they may want your passport as well.

When they have finished entering you on the database, go upstairs to room 14 – Dr Sabri Ozturk who will give you an eye test.

Then go across the landing and get your blood group card.  If you don’t have anything official with your blood group on, they will give you a blood test.

You will now be given your blood group card and your health report. There is no charge for this.

Sometimes there are long queues here, so you can use a private clinic. Some readers have used the Guven Clinic and didn’t have to wait. They charged 30TL for the medical including the blood test.

Tell them if you wear glasses to drive, this will be noted on your medical report. You may also have to demonstrate mobility – outstretching arms in various directions and being able to crouch down and stand up unaided.

6. Now go to the MALIYE (Tax office a bit further along from the Flamingo Bar on the promenade).

Go up the top floor and go to the last counter on the left facing you as you go in the door . not the short counter at the very end. (Please note the location of the desk can change from time to time).

Give them your doctor’s report and your tax number card (they might ask for passport as well).

They will issue you with a form and send you to the payment desk down on the ground floor (same as tax for the car) opposite give him the form, he will pass you to the man next to him who will take 213 TL (2009 prices) from you and issue a receipt.

7. Go to the COURT HOUSE, (the big pink building on the intersection half way to Çalis) follow the signs for KAYDI, the office you want is signed ADLİ SİCİL BUROSU. It is next to the Cay (Tea) counter.

Outside the office take a blank form and fill it out take this, your translated licence and residence visa into the office. This cost 25 kurus and they are behind the cay counter and cost 25 kurus payable to the Cay man.

He will print a form and ask you to sign it (make sure he has your name spelled right).

The form will then be stamped and given to you. (This is your criminal record check). Cost 5 TL.

Assemble all your documents to take to the TRAFFIC POLICE.

You should now have:

  • The 3 copies of the translated licence;
  • Original UK Licence;
  • Health report and blood group card;
  • Document from the court;
  • Receipt from the Maliye;
  • The photocopy of your residence permit;
  • 3 passport size photos;
  • Passport & Residence Permit;
  • Kimlik number.

8. Go to the TRAFFIC POLICE (on the Patlangiç Road, past Tedaş and about 100 yards after the Hyundia Showroom on the right, the blue building.

There are a row of windows on the left of the building, go to the 1st on the left called SURUCU BELEGESI give them all your documents.

They put your folder together and ask you to sign a form, eventually they will ask you to sign a small card (prooably after you have been fingerprinted), make sure you keep within the box on this.

They will give you back your passport & residence permit and a stamped and signed copy of the translated licence in case you get stopped.

They will then put another form into a brown envelope and hand it to you.

9. Take your brown envelope to the EMNIYET MÜRDÜRĞLÜ (Police station) in Fethiye, it’s the building next to the Iş Bank nearly opposite the PTT

Show it to the guard at the door and he will direct you, up two flights of stairs and turn left, it’s the office on the left at the top of the stairs. You may have to wait for hours if there is a large queue.

Give them the envelope and they will ask for your passport and a photo (give them your residence permit as well).

You will now be finger printed.

This law only came into force a few months ago and is applied to ALL new applicants, foreign or Turkish.

They will fill out a form on computer (again check that all spellings are correct) and then print off your record. Also check they have entered your sex correctly.

A copy of your record will be put back in the envelope which you must now take back to the Traffic Police.

All of the forms are checked again and you will need to sign a small card (keeping within the box outline).

The fee of 80 TL for the folder plus application is now payable (2009 prices).

EUREKA!! You are done, you can now relax and wait the 1 to 3 months for your new licence to arrive (the traffic police said they would ring when it was ready but leave for 4 to 6 weeks and check at the police station from time to time).

Please be aware that most of the offices you need to visit have lunch somewhere between 12 and 1.30 so the offices will be closed.

Once done the new licence is yours for life and if your UK licence runs out you can drive on your Turkish licence in the UK for 6 months.


If you are a younger person and are applying for a Turkish driving licence you may be asked to apply for a different class of licence that allows you to drive vehicles other than cars. The choice is yours.


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