A burglar works hard to avoid being disturbed and caught. But what can you do to avoid their unwanted attentions?

The Fethiye area may seem to be a rich picking ground for the burglar but it’s a high risk cat and mouse game.

Although the Police and Jandarma patrol areas the sharp eyed burglar will be keeping one step ahead by monitoring their patterns and trying to strike in the intervening periods.

They may also be monitoring you too.

The burglar works hard to avoid being caught so will check a property and your routines out in advance to make sure they can work without interruption.

But watch out because some measures you may use to confuse can help the burglar.

For example, when you leave a porch light on when you are out but then turn it off when you get home.

You shouldn’t rely entirely on the security services to deter the thief and catch criminals.

Take your own physical measures to prevent burglary such as securing property, valuables and vehicles.

But also employ tactical measures by varying your routines and changing your habits that could give the burglar the opportunity to strike.

Finally, we are often asked what is the best deterrent to keep away burglars?

Well the experts all say the same – get a dog. They will be your best friend and are great to have around. But, best of all, there is no liability if a dog bites a burglar!