Local ladies in Uzumlu are finding that Pamper Parties are a great way to mix socialising and relaxation without the hassle of travel.

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In Uzumlu, a group of ladies regularly meet to enjoy an afternoon of each other’s company as well as some very specialist massages. Rather than taking time and effort to go into Fethiye for some pampering, these girls have a fully qualified massage therapist come to one of their houses so that they can relax in their own environment.

Gianna Karagoz, a British lady with Turkish citizenship, has been living and working around the Fethiye area for over 12 years and offers a high standard of treatments and therapies based on years of experience, her UK qualifications and her own natural skill.

She has a lovely treatment room at home in Tasyaka but can also make house calls.

She has a Facebook page “Tranquility Room” which outlines her range of therapies.

Gianna, a qualified nutritionist also runs the successful Silhouette Slim Club.

“The Pamper Parties were originally an idea” she says,” for people to sample treatments at a reduced cost, kind of like buying in bulk, but they have turned into a lovely social event for many of my customers”

A wonderful selection of treatments are available, from back massages and reflexology to a facial massage that actually tones and lifts your face.

Fiona who hosted a Pamper Party this week says “ It’s a great way to all get together and have a nice social afternoon as well as being pampered. I’ve hosted a few Pamper Parties now and always enjoy my back massages !”

So, how does it work?

Simple, really….as a hostess you gather 5 or 6 of your friends and they all have a half hour treatment at a substantially reduced cost and the hostess’ treatment is free.

While each person is having their treatment in a separate room, the rest of the ladies catch up with a drink or coffee.

Of course it’s up to the hostess how she runs the Pamper Party: some ladies offer coffee and cake or some wine and nibbles, whereas other people get everyone to bring a plate of food for a more substantial lunch.

There is also the option of having a manicurist come along to attend to your hands and feet while you wait your turn for a massage or treatment.

All in all, an afternoon with friends, having some quality time and quality treatments has got to be a good thing, so for more information contact Gianna on 0543 7628661 or geekaragoz@yahoo.com and of course, through Facebook.