The Turkish Department of Insurance Registration and Services (SGK) has published comprehensive information in English about how the Universal Health Insurance Scheme (UHI) works.

The presentation dated the 29th February 2012 confirms that all certain foreign nationals are covered by UHI from 1 February 2012 except those that are covered under heath sharing schemes.

It details the implications for those people working in Turkey, their eligibility and lists the occupations of those who are not covered by the scheme.

It confirms that those people who “reside regularly in Turkey with a residence permit” can benefit from UHI as long as their documents are valid. It defines ‘reside’ as “those who have been in Turkey for more than one year without any interruptions with a residency permit and are not covered by other social insurance scheme.”

It lists those who are not subject to UHI such as temporary residents, dependents of UHI members, convicts and voluntary insurance payers. Disabled persons are NOT excluded from the scheme and must pay the going rate.

It also details the documents needed to apply for UHI, the costs and how they are pegged to the minimum wage so expect future increases in the premiums.

Good news for those that are able to join the scheme is that eye and dental treatment are included.

However, those with pre existing chronic conditions will not be treated for those conditions under UHI.

A Help?

Whilst the presentation may not answer all the questions it does go some way to clearing up some of the confusion around this new scheme. What a pity it was not published back in December.

You can find the full presentation on the British Embassy website here.