Following our representations by the British Embassy in Turkey, the new compulsory requirement to register for Turkish health insurance (UHI) will NOT (NOT) apply to British residents in Turkey.

Two weeks of uncertainty and conjecture is hopefully over as the British Embassy clarify the UHI rules with the Turkish Authorities.

The Embassy issued the following information on their website late yesterday:


This is an update to our notice earlier today 25 January about the sudden changes to the Turkish health insurance system which have introduced compulsory state health insurance for foreigners when they have been in Turkey as registered residents for over a year. Foreigners in this category are required to join the system by the end of January or face a fine for non-payment.

The Ambassador and a consular team called on the Turkish authorities today. He set our concerns over the substance, cost, lack of clarity and short notice of the change that has been announced.

After further discussion, we have established with the Turkish authorities that the situation is now as follows:

– Following our representations, the new compulsory requirement to register for Turkish health insurance will NOT (NOT) apply to British residents in Turkey.

– But British residents who have already chosen to join the Turkish system will be allowed to continue in it.

– And other British residents will be allowed to join the Turkish scheme if they wish to do so.

Under the rules in their current form, those who have been resident for over a year and delay joining the Turkish system beyond the deadline of 31 January 2012 can choose to join later; but they would have to make a backdated payment to cover the period from 31 January if they had been resident in Turkey for a year at that date, and pay a fine.

– We are in continuing contact with the Turkish authorities over all this, including about the fine given that the situation remains confused and that our resident community members have not had adequate time or information to make such an important decision.

– We will let you know as soon as we have more information.”


The above is taken from the British FCO website verbatim as of 25.01.12 at 23.15 UTC

Thank You

Fethiye Times thanks the British Ambassador and a Consular Team for their efforts in this matter and hope this now concludes what has been a troubling period of uncertainty for the British Expat poplulation that reside or visit Turkey on a regular basis.

BUT, note if you wish to join the scheme, and you are in the relevant period, you should do so before the deadline to avoid the fine