‘Wait and see’ is the consensus opinion from local community information providers as rumours and conjecture circulate the local community about the imminent introduction of a new paid for compulsory health insurance scheme.


An article appeared in the Turkish Hurriyet Newspaper on Friday 13 January, in Turkish, about the introduction of the new Universal Health Insurance Scheme for Turkish and Foreign Nationals who do not currently have any other form of health insurance.

The Hurriyet states that around 1.7 million Turkish people without cover have been contacted and the paper published copies of the official letters on their website.

The Turkish language article continued to explain that foreign nationals resident in Turkey would also be required to register for the scheme undercertain circumstances.

Some readers have attempted to translate the article into English, using popular online translation engines such as Google, but have been faced with yet more questions and confusion because those systems cannot translate formal government Turkish.

Local community information providers such as ourselves have been discussing the situation.

are seeking clarification through official channels so we can understand and then inform you of the changes in plain English.

When we have the ‘official line’ we will all let you know the outcome and hopefully, if possible, clarify the requirements.