A reader praises the new Eye Hospital in Karaçhula for outstanding service and care after a check up following an earlier operation found a worrying problem.

The quality and scope of medical care in Fethiye has improved considerably over the last 5 years which is great news for expats and locals alike.

Up until recently there was little choice but to travel to large city hospitals located a long way from Fethiye if a medical procedure could not be carried out either due to specialism or availablilty in Fethiye.

But now that situation is changing as Peter Tilsley, a regular Fethiye Times reader, found when he visited the new Kartel Göz eye hospital in Karaçhula, Fethiye.

Peter said:

“Following my cataract removal at Esnaf Hospital in Fethiye earlier this year my final ‘control check’ revealed a bleed in my retina. Unfortunately the hospital were unable to treat it until January.

Concerned about the wait I made an appointment at the new Eye Hospital, the Kartel Göz, or Eagle Eye in English, in Karaçhula, Fethiye.

On the day the appointment was on time, many tests were done and yes they could carry out the treatment – an injection into the eyeball – there and then!

As I am a driver I asked how long I would be off the road so to speak to which I was told the following day – no problem.

The whole process was carried out very efficiently and although their English spoken was a little limited at times I was confident.

The price of the process was a little more than the Esnaf Hospital but the value was excellent. To be able to be seen and treated in no time by a specialist Eye Hospital was priceless.”

Peter concluded:

“Full marks then to the team.”