The final part of our article introduces the medical translation team and gives some examples of the health service costs.


Here are three of the medical translators now employed at the Fethiye State Hospital.


The young man in front is Erdal, Aslıhan is standing directly behind him, and the lady in red is Rumeysa.

So what does it cost? That depends on individual circumstances.

If you have health insurance they will issue invoices covering the cost so that you can claim from your insurers – minus the excess of course.

If you have a residence permit and a Turkish kimlik number beginning with the digits 99, but no health insurance, you pay 15.50TL for an initial consultation and after that costs depend on treatment.

However, we can give you a couple of examples. X-rays cost from 9 -17TL and a scan (even MRI) is 65TL – we think these prices compare very favourably with their equivalents at the private hospitals.

If you have neither health insurance nor the residence permit/99 kimlik number combo, an initial consultation costs 100TL.

We visited the Tourism Health Department twice whilst gathering information and can tell you it is much quieter (as is the whole hospital) in the afternoon than in the morning.

So it comes down to the age old ‘pay your money and take your choice’ but at least there is now one more choice in Fethiye.