Regular consumption of olive oil, a major product of Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, may help prevent strokes, according to new study.


Researchers in France tracked 7,625 volunteers age 65 or over in three cities Bordeaux Montpelier and Dijon for five years reports the UK paper the Independent.

In that time 148 people suffered strokes.

The results showed that the stroke risk was 41% lower in those who used a lot of olive oil in cooking, or as a dressings or dip, than it was in those who relied on other fats, after factors such as weight and exercise routine had been taken into account.

Although more scientific research needs to be done to test the effectiveness of olive oil researchers claim that their findings were strong enough to form a base of the new set of Dietary recommendations for older people.

Stroke is so common in this age group she said and olive oil would be an inexpensive way to help prevent it.