Yesterday we reported that applications for the medical health insurance policy for foreigners had been put on hold. But according to another reader existing members of the UHI have had their access to medical care suspended too.

Our reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted with their story.

They completed their application for the UHI in Fethiye on December 16th and were told that their application should be completed in around 6 weeks.

On the 24th February, having not heard anything back , they asked their Turkish friend to follow up progress with where it was found that the first payment of 483 TL was required to activate the policy. It was paid but no means of setting up a regular payment was offered.

Shortly afterward the reader independently confirmed that the policy was active when the local hospital he visited checked the system and gave him a scan. The hospital recommended that the reader visit the University Hospital in Antalya for further tests.

Conscious that time had moved on and that he did not want to make a special journey to Antalya only to be told their policy had expired because payment had not been made, our reader asked their Turkish friend to call the health department office to check out the payment terms. He was told that UHI for foreigners was suspended.

Our reader was shocked to hear the news and immediately contacted the British Consulate who, after a phone call to the regional health department, confirmed the suspension.

The reason for the suspension is not clear. A story about high level wrangling over entitlement between Turkey and the UK was offered but nothing could be confirmed.

When it was first announced UHI seemed to be a dream solution to the expats top concern of how to ensure affordable medical health care when resident in Turkey. But now that dream has been put on hold and some existing UHI members may have to pay the cost of private medical care if their conditions deteriorate.

We wait to see if and when it will get resolved.