A reader writes about their smooth experience of registering for the new Turkish health policy.

Ken Morris wrote to Fethiye Times with his experience of applying for the new government backed health policy.

“I registered for SGK/Bagkur insurance last week. This is the same insurance that the Turks have and gives me all the benefits they get including free consultations at Devlet, reduced fees for consultations at private hospitals, reduced prices for prescribed medications, etc.

Registering was easy – a visit to the SGK offices (the big white building with a large canopy over the entrance opposite the Zakkum restaurant, next to Finans Bank on the Migros Road in Fethiye).

I had a form to fill in with my personal details and I had to present my passport, residency permit, kimlik number and tax number.

The staff were very helpful.

I now have to wait for my insurance confirmation to come through, which is said to be about six weeks.

Once that is received I will need to pay the cost as from the start date on the insurance. The cost for me is 183 TL per month (192TL per month per person for 2011). When my confirmation is received my wife can then be added as a dependent and the cost will then be 250 TL per month.

We will both then be fully covered for treatment in Turkey.”