Pharmacies are called ‘Eczane’ and there are many around the area.

Local pharamcies can supply just about any drug or other medical supply over the counter.

Pharmacies are called Eczane and there are many around the area. As in UK they share late and weekend opening on a rota – see the permanent sign across from the main mosque near the dolmus pick up point (Bus shelter). Pharmacies sell all forms of medication – general shops are not allowed to sell such items even basic headache tablets.

Unlike the UK pharmacies Eczanes can supply presciption drugs with out a doctors note. To help your pharmacist just bring your old drug container to the pharmacy and they will replace it for a like product if it exists. You must pay the cost – no NHS here – but prices are significantly cheaper than the UK in many cases.

If you can’t find the item you want in one pharamacy try another as stocks vary from place to place.

The price of all items are displayed on the packaging and designate the MAXIMUM retail price to be charged. In many cases you can get the items for less than the price shown if you just ask.