Essential information to make sure you get the right treatment and know what to do to get yourself covered.


There are private hospitals in Fethiye where you can go for anything from a routine check up to a full-on medical emergency.  It makes sense if you are a resident (or if you visit frequently) to register with one so they have your information in case of emergency, and so you can make sure you are familiar with where they are and what services they offer you.

These hospitals are now recognising the needs of the ‘foreign patient’ market, and have English staff, English-speaking doctors, and literature.

A routine, basic check-up, looking at the functioning of your general organs (liver, kidney, lungs) plus your general well-being will cost you around 200 YTL.  This includes cholesterol tests, a chest x-ray, diabetes and blood cancer check. Other more advanced check-ups are available too.

Private health care is cheaper here than back in the UK. Every procedure is different, so it is not easy to get a ‘price list’, but as an idea of costs, an emergency appendectomy will cost around 880 YTL, and a cholesterol test, 7 YTL.

Some hospitals, (eg the Esnaf near Yakamoz) have a discount scheme, where if you take your Residence Permit, plus a photograph, they will give you a membership card which entitles you to pay the same price for treatments as the locals do, rather than the prices that they have negotiated with insurance companies.

Some procedures are considerably cheaper in Turkey than in England and, if publicised, could attract overseas customers. For example, Laser eye treatment is considerably cheaper than the UK at around £600. Cosmetic surgery is also relatively cheaper.