Dental treatment is one of the things that is still good value in Turkey. Read our experience here.
Getting Dental treatment in the UK is sometimes like pulling teeth. The NHS coverage is poor which leaves many of us UK residents facing expensive private treatment or not bothering until something major happens.

So it was refreshing to walk into new, clean and professional dental surgery in Fethiye recently and not only be able to book an appointment at our convience but also at a fraction of the UK price.

The dental practice was state of the art with up to date equipment, English speaking staff and and great view.

I required only a clean. I say only a clean but I hadn’t been near a dentist in UK for many years so it was a bit more of a job – just like when you don’t clean the car for weeks in the Winter – the job takes longer. Anyway, I left the dentists chair after around 40 minutes with a bright new smile and clean teeth.

But the prices also brought a reason for me to show off my new smile. The clean and check up was only £20! Other treatments are comparably cheaper than UK too.

If you would like to to visit a dentist keep your eyes open for the sign ‘Dis Hekimi’ – there are loads to choose from in town and the area.

Fethiye Times does not recommend any particular dentist.